Post-Christmas “Christmas Excellence” with the Josephs

The Ipes and Josephs don’t just celebrate Christmas. We bring it to another level (in terms of food.) We celebrate “Christmas Excellence.” As per tradition, it is a culinary feast for the taste buds. Plus we drink and exchange gifts to one another. We used to try to also shoehorn in a cheesy film on TV, but we always run out of time and energy. This year, my sister Julie and her husband Robbie hosted it. Unfortunately, with everyone’s schedules pretty booked up, we all had to settle for the early evening on Sunday Dec 28th. We drove down after 3 PM to their house, and I am really enjoying the expanded NJ Turnpike — no more traffic jams!

To add an interesting unintended wrinkle this year, Robbie’s parents and his sister Kitty had taken our niece Abby and her cousin Sofi out to see Frozen on Ice at the Wells Fargo Center. We’re actually going to see that Monday morning. Anyway, they all came back after 6 PM, and ended up staying for dinner as well. The more the merrier, I always say.

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