Attending the Christmas Eve service at our church for the first time

We usually don’t attend the Christmas Eve service at our church. We’re usually off at someone else’s house the night before Christmas. On Christmas Day itself, we open presents, eat Polish pierogi for breakfast, then go to church for the morning service. There are usually only 2-3 other families there with us, but it’s been tradition. About a month ago, I was attending a church board meeting after the church service and fellowship hour, and the kids wandered back into the sanctuary when they were just getting started prepping for the Christmas Eve service. Specifically, the tone chimes choir practice. Somehow, they volunteered to perform “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” playing the tone chimes, one of two hymns to be performed that evening with tone chimes.

Since then, we’ve been taking them to practices every Sunday after church, practicing with them both at home and at church. I’m happy to report that Joshua, Lily, and their friend Cara did a great job during their first tone chimes performance. We’re very proud of them. I wonder if they will play again during Easter?

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