Like two archeologists, Josh and I found ancient patio brick on our property

If I am not cleaning or making improvements on the inside of the house, I’ve been working hard on the outside landscaping, or fixing stuff in general. At times, I’ve had to enlist the kids also, just to make them useful. The landscaping is coming along, but it has been a long Spring and early Summer so far of ongoing outside projects. Installing new lawn edging in both the front and back yards. Regrowing the front yard grass. Putting down new paver sand. Fixing the backyard gate. Edging the landscape. Mulching, mulching, mulching, and more mulching. Still, it’s rewarding when it comes out nice. This July 4th weekend, we did a lot of work inside and outside. Here are some of the results of our combined efforts, the fruits of our labor.

One of the tasks was cleaning up some of the patio that lies on the outside of our backyard fenced-in area. For some reason, the grass and the brick patio aren’t even clearly defined. With all the stuff going on in our lives, maintaining the patio outside of our backyard was very low on the priority list. One day, I said to hell with it, let’s clean up some of these weeds outside our fence. Josh and I started working two sides, and we discovered what I like to imagine is ancient brick buried on our property. In reality, the outside backyard patio brick had a defined shape many years ago. However, like the jungle, the greenery moved in.

We discovered "ancient" brick patio underground

We discovered “ancient” brick patio underground

I suspect that, over the course of nine years, soil slowly collected at the edge of the grass. Likely when I would wash the inside patio area. Grass grew. More soil collected. More grass grew. The jungle slowly overran the patio brick at such a slow rate that no one noticed it! It was rather fun for us to pull away an inch of soil and grass to find brick. We found the edges, and used my edging tool to clean it up. Pretty cool in a way.

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