Business Trip to Toronto, Ontario

Pictures from my last trip of the year. I traveled to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to sub in for someone else. While I like Toronto a lot, and have traveled there on business for many weeks in the past, this wasn’t the optimal time. We had so much to do at the house still, and were also closing on our house on Friday. Didn’t have much choice, however. I had a number of errands to run on Sunday before my flight, including meetings at church. I raced home to pack and head up to Newark Airport. Although I seemingly was able to account for the traffic on the NJ Turnpike, I wasn’t able to fully check in more than 2 hours for my flight — you can’t properly check in online as you need to show your passport to someone living and breathing. I got rebooked on the 9:48pm flight, so I sat around at Newark for an additional five hours waiting for my next flight. I had dinner, caught up on work, and did a lot of people watching.

By the time, I landed in Toronto, went through Canadian Customs, got my luggage, and arrived via taxi at the airport, I was exhausted. It was after 1am, and there was no free Wi-Fi at the hotel. The Front Desk was kind enough to point me to the nearest Tim Hortons around the block that was open 24 hours and provided free WiFi. I dropped off my bags, and hit up Tim Hortons.

Work during the next two days went well. I was pretty exhausted by Monday evening, so after I signed some additional mortgage documentation, I got some rest before heading out around 9pm to find some dinner. I walked up Yonge Street, and found the Yonge-Dundas Square, and a food court and some shops. I grabbed some thai fast food, and decided to go to the movie theater on the 4th floor. The timing worked out, and I decided to treat myself and unwind by watching the 9:50pm showing of Godzilla in 3D.

Tuesday evening, I left in time to catch my flight, with no attention of sitting around at the airport. Ah, that was when my plans went asunder. I checked in, went through Customs, got thoroughly patted down at the Security line, and made my way slowly to the gate. As soon as I arrived there, they announced that the flight was cancelled, due to extreme weather in the NY-NJ area. Argh. I had to go back all the way through Customs, find my luggage, and eventually try to catch a flight. United booked me on a 6:10am flight the next day via Chicago O’Hare airport, arriving at 11:15am.

The corporate travel agency booked me a room at the Toronto Airport Hotel, and I caught a quick dinner in the hotel. I fell asleep in my clothes after dinner, and woke up around 2am. I got ready, and was out the door around 3:45am to get back to the airport via taxi. I had a small scare when I arrived at Terminal 1 when I couldn’t find my corporate card, but eventually found it phew!

I eventually arrived in Newark by 11am. Grabbed my bags, got the car, drove to my wife’s office to get the house key, and get home to change into proper business clothes. I then drove back up all the way to the office to work the rest of the afternoon.

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