Visiting the Chackos at LBI

After attending the Trenton Thunder baseball game, we drove down to Long Beach Island to meet up with my sister-in-law and her husband, and my niece for dinner. It took us about 90 mins to get from Trenton to LBI, because Google Maps took us along every possible back road in NJ. We eventually made it to their hotel, and walked along the beach, fighting off the blustery winds.

We then drove over to Terrace Tavern and Crab Shack for dinner, which was casual and fine. Lastly, we took the kids to Fantasy Island Amusement Park to get that excess energy out of them by throwing tokens and stomach-churning rides at them until they were ready to pass out. Long day, to be sure. Just before heading home, we stopped at a Wawa to pick up coffee and late night snacks for the kids. Josh and Lily soon passed out after.

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