Church outing to watch the Trenton Thunder

As a member of the newly reformed Men’s Group at our church (St. Barnabas Episcopal Church), we organized a fun outing for our interested parishioners to see a Trenton Thunder minor league AA baseball game down in Trenton. The Ipes have seen quite a few games these past few years, and why not?

  1. Every seat is a great seat.
  2. The tickets are a “wallet-busting” $11 each.
  3. It’s 30 minutes away, and parking is a breeze.

Since we were able to buy tickets in bulk, we turned this outing into a minor fundraising event as well. I wasn’t sure how many people would be interested, but we had 30+ people sign up, so it was a great showing. The Ipes had a busy Saturday planned, but we were able to sneak in this afternoon game between all the running around. [juicebox gallery_id=”3″]

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