Our Mexican Family Vacation – Day 5

Our last full day here on vacation. Yes, our big vacation is unfortunately coming to an end. Not much to report, as it was a relatively quiet day. In the afternoon. I went and had my first massage in 9 years. Yes, 9 years. I had planned for my wife to get a 2nd massage this week while we were out, but graciously declined and lovingly suggested (or strongly recommended?) that I should go instead. I never go for massages. Ever. Why not now? I changed the appointment from Namita’s Deep Tissue massage to a “Mayan Reflexology” massage for myself. It was all a little weird and different for me — walking around in a robe, experiencing a sauna, experiencing a steam room (so hot!), but the actual 50 minute massage was rather nice. I opted for lots of kneading and stretching of joints, which I found rather pleasant.

After my umpteenth shower that afternoon (what’s up with all the oils?), I took Lily for her last dip in the kiddie pool. We played in the pool for about an hour or so, then we had to get ready for our last dinner. For tonight, we decided on Mole, their Mexican restaurant. Sadly, the quality of the food at Mole wasn’t quite the same level as the other restaurants. Sad, because I was really looking forward to some authentic Mexican food, like I had 10 years ago when I was in Mexico City for an audit. My God, that was some good food. This restaurant? Cue the sad trombone. Oh well, guess we expected too much to go out on a high note. After dinner, we all took one last stroll on the beach, then back to our room to start packing.

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