Our Mexican Family Vacation – Day 3


The interpretative desserts at Vento

Not the most exciting day for the Ipes here in Mexico. It rained nearly the entire day, so there was no pool or beach today. We spent most of the day indoors on account of the rain. For a time, we did go and sit outside for the fresh air under some outdoor seating with canopies. Is having an entire day rained out something we planned? Of course not, but you have to roll with it. We rationalized our loss that we still got to relax and lounge for a day. No beach or pool, but no meetings, no deadlines, no office bureaucracy, no laundry, and no dishwashing either.

In the evening, we had a family dinner at Vento — “international specialties with a distinct Mediterranean flair and its own Fusion Bellini Bar for lunch and dinner.” A number of varied dishes from India, Morocco, and other Middle Eastern cuisine. The Indian food wasn’t very flavorful, but what can you expect? The rest of our dishes were good though, though I think all of these fusion dishes that are trying to be creative are sometimes stretching the difference between the traditional and the interpretation. This was Middle Eastern, and they had Baklava on the menu as a dessert, or at least their “interpretation.” I hesitate to call myself a purist about anything, but baklava is a pastry with pistachio. What did I get? A martini glass full of pudding, with a cracker/cookie on top. Uh, that is not baklava in any way, shape, or form. Sigh. Food artists.

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