I finally got my Nariko Heavenly Sword action figure for display

A few months after picking up the PS3, I hadn’t quite gotten into it as part of my transition from PC gaming to console gaming. Two or three of my initial games were hard to use, so I wasn’t sure if they were bad ports from PC to console, or I was simply not much of a console game pad kind of guy. I borrowed Heavenly Sword from my brother-in-law, and wow what a difference. I liked the action, I had an easier time moving around, and ultimately had a better game play experience. Also, I appreciated the strong female protagonist, Nariko, who didn’t need rescuing or had some Prince Charming waiting for her as a reward. Needless to say, I still have a soft spot for the character and the game. It’s too bad that Ninja Theory has no plans for a sequel or to revisit the character.

For about two years, I’ve waited for the price to come down from $29.99 on her action figure, and my patience paid off. $11.99 later, I have a new piece of decorative art for the home office. A little nerdy? Yes, I admit it.

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