A Saturday Night at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk

On the radio, I’ve often heard about parties over at “Jenkinson’s” in Point Pleasant Beach, NJ, but I’d never been to either Jenkinson’s Boardwalk or even Point Pleasant Beach for that matter. It’s only 50 mins from our house, but I’d never been. This week had been pretty rough at work, so my wife thought it would be fun idea for all of us (to help cheer me up) to get out to Point Pleasant Beach. Saturday night after our Cub Scout pack’s opening ceremony, we piled into the car, and drove out east towards Point Pleasant Beach. It’s a rather happening area — as soon as we got into town, we found police handling foot and car traffic as folks were walking from one bar / restaurant to another. Interesting……

We found some street parking, and walked over to the boardwalk. After being surprised by a display of fireworks, our plan was to grab dinner somewhere there, and then hit the arcade for an hour. Mission accomplished, and we were done in about two hours. Good food, and I liked the overall experience.

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