10th wedding anniversary weekend

Friday was our actual 10 year wedding anniversary date. We had planned to take the day off and relax. We didn’t know exactly where, but the day was free. We could go see a movie, go to NYC to see a Broadway show, whatever. As Friday got closer, my wife had some work-related tasks to complete, in order to open a new office. I would tag along and help her. The amount of work effort turned out to be larger than anticipated. We ended up hanging out most of the day at the new office, albeit with a short break for lunch at the nearby Panera Bread. By the time we were done, it was 5pm, and the day was over.

In order to make up for it, we made plans to have my in-laws watch the kids over night. We would go out for dinner at Ruth’s Chris, and then stay over at a Westin hotel in walking distance. We were only 30 mins away from home, but it was a nice slice of decadence to be able to walk back to a hotel room after dinner. Dinner was nice, although the service at the restaurant was unusually slow. In the morning, my wife left for work while I chilled out at the hotel. We met up again for brunch at the hotel, then to pick up the kids.

Not at all according to plan, but we made up for it!

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