A Saturday night at Six Flags Great Adventure

After attending a funeral for a friend’s father in Pennsylvania on Saturday, we came home and some of us took a quick nap (my wife.) Others who couldn’t nap (me and the kids) finished watching the original 1953 film classic The War of the Worlds. Around 5pm, we got ready to go to Six Flags Great Adventure for a few hours. We purchased season passes last month, and our goal was to hit Six Flags at least once a month with the kiddos. With a season pass, it didn’t matter if we went in the evening for a few hours — we were still getting value out of the cards. We stopped for a quick dinner at a McDonald’s down the street from Six Flags, then hit a number of the kid-friendly rides. I don’t know if it was a factor that it was the evening, but even on a Saturday night, the lines for most rides were short. Heck, Josh and I hit Skull Mountain twice in a row.

If the evenings are like this all the time, I could get used to just going in the evenings.

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