A Friday of family fun

Friday, June 21st — School is out, and what to do with the kids? The last day of public school was Wednesday, and camp doesn’t start until Monday. On Thursday, Namita took Josh with her to the office, and I heard he had a lot of office work to do. I, on the other hand, planned my week so I could take Friday off.  Ah, the joys of ensuring coverage of the kids. Josh and I ran some errands, then we biked for an hour in the morning. After a quick lunch out at a local Japanese restaurant, we finished our errands, picked up Lily, then met up with some family friends (and Namita) at this indoor play facility called iPlay America. It’s an interesting place — arcade games, air hockey, small rides, and even go-karting. They also appear to host concerts and kids birthday parties. They used a debit card system where credits are deducted for every game you play. Interesting place. Namita had used her Groupon and family fun search skills to find a coupon to get us a number of credits, and organized a nice outing with some family friends. I’m glad I married a fun entertainment coordinator.

After 2-3 hours of wrangling the kids, the adults got tired, and all 9 of us went to the local Cheeburger Cheeburger for dinner. Can I tell you that I miss milkshakes? They are awesome.

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