A busy May the Fourth this year

A busy “May the Fourth Be With You!” indeed. It was a tight schedule, with many a place to be and many a thing to do. My wife was working in the morning at her office, so it was just me and kiddos. We had Lily’s dance class, errands, lunch, and a 2pm Iron Man 3 showing to get to. And if possible, today was also Free Comic Book Day, so I wanted to take the kids shopping. Let the enumeration of errands begin!

1. In the morning, I got the kids dressed, fed, and ready, and I took them to Lily’s usual Saturday morning dance class.

2. After dance class, I had to rush home to change Lily into street clothes, then drop off something to someone in town for my wife.

3. Drop off and pick up shirts at the dry cleaners.

4. Visit Home Depot to look for hex tools and a wire stripper so I can try again to replace the front door light.

Hex tools and a wire stripper

Hex tools and a wire stripper

5. Lunch for the three of us. I considered Taco Bell because it’s fast and easy, but I thought it would be better to focus on quality. Instead, we hit our local diner for a nice quality lunch.

Lunch with Josh & Lily

Lunch with Josh & Lily

6. 1:20pm, my wife gets back from work, jumps into the car with us, and we’re off to the movies to see Iron Man 3 at 2pm. Somehow, we make it in 30 mins and still get good seats with 10 mins to showtime. Of course, we had to sit through 15 mins of trailers first.

At the movies -- Iron Man 3

At the movies — Iron Man 3

7. After the movie, we stopped in Lawrenceville to visit a crafts store so my wife could make a custom t-shirt for Josh’s upcoming charity ride on Sunday.

8. Visited our local comic book store to support them, pick up some free comic books for Free Comic Book Day (aka FCBD), and purchase anything really good. Besides the free books, I bought a Last Airbender book for Josh, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles book for Lily, and a special Transformers book for myself.

9. Finally home to relax!

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