Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

It’s Spring Break here, and the kids have the week off from school. My in-laws agreed to watch the kids Monday and Tuesday (with a sleepover Monday night.) What to do with our free time? How about a date night on Monday night? I met up with my wife around 8:30pm for dinner at a local Indian restaurant, and then we bought tickets to see the 9:20pm Monday night showing of Silver Linings Playbook at a local movie theater across the street from the restaurant. We entered the theater, and as I was buying tickets from a young woman in an empty movie theater lobby, she tells me that she loves the movie. In fact, she has seen the film three times, and also read the book. I guess that’s as good of an endorsement as any. We walked into the theater to find that we were the only audience members. It’s not often that we get an entire movie theater to ourselves, so this was a cool experience.

David O. Russell directed this film, based on a book by author Matthew Quick (I didn’t read it.) The film sstars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as supporting work from Robert DeNiro, Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker, Julia Stiles, and surprisingly, Anupam Kher (a famous Bollywood actor.) Jennifer Lawerence won multiple awards for her performance in this film, and I admit she was pretty good. The premise of the film is former teacher Pat (Bradley Cooper) suffers a mental breakdown, and gets locked up in a mental institution for a while. Once he gets out, he moves back in with his parents in the Philadelphia suburbs, and tries to get his life back, including winning back his wife. However, he definitely suffers from some mental illness, and refuses to take his pills or admit to his broken marriage. In the meantime, he meets a neighborhood woman named Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who is beautiful, mysterious, and also seems to a number of problems of her own. Cue the romance, drama, and comedy.

I thought this was a good movie with some very good performances from the main and supporting cast. I did feel it was dragging a bit somewhere after the 1 hour mark, but I let that go. After the farce that was The Words, I’m glad that I could finally pay money for a better Bradley Cooper film. If he screwed me again with another bad film, I would have been royally pissed.

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

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