Was this the busiest Presidents Day weekend ever?

I need to look back through my February posts, because I think this had to be the busiest Presidents Day weekend that I have ever experienced. It started Fri night, and I wouldn’t say that the events that comprised the weekend were bad. It’s just somehow we’ve been running nonstop since Fri night. Lemme ‘splain it to you, Lucy Ricardo.


Friday was a busy day for everyone, as we had to finish off a lot of work before the three day weekend. I had to work a little later than planned, but caught the train and headed home. The kids were going to be watched by the daycare center we use, while Namita and I would have a nice romantic dinner for two at a local Italian restaurant. Best part? Gift certificate! We just had to bring pajamas for the kids (and payment.) Also, as I was proctoring an exam for my wife early Saturday morning, we had to stop by the office to get some extra test materials. I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of work involved before we can ever just have dinner for the two of us.

Dinner was nice, albeit a little stretched out, as our food took an inordinate amount of time to come out. After dinner, we came home, fell asleep for a little while (!), then I woke up and rushed over to pick the kids up. Man, we were tired after this long week.


I was up early to proctor that practice exam at a heavy school. While I monitored the students, I also sat and got in some quality 3+ hours of CISSP studying. I’ve finished one chapter this month (Legal, Forensics, etc) and started Operational Security.

Another of my friends is also studying for the exam, and we’re now considering taking the August exam together. I want to pass the exam, but I want to get the results back, and have it count towards my 2013 achievements at work. The pressure is on.

The afternoon flew by, then we had to get ready, and drive up to the Clifton/Patterson area for dinner with friends at Toros Turkish & Mediterranean to celebrate recent February birthdays. Lots of food, lots of chatting, lots of red velvet cake and icing mysteriously on our clothes afterwards.


After church on Sunday, we had Josh’s Blue and Gold Cub Scout Ceremony where they move the kids up to the next level (Bobcats become Wolves, Weblos become Boy Scouts, etc.), followed by dinner.


On Monday, most of the family had dental appointments, and then we met up with my parents for lunch in Edison at Penang. After lunch, we rushed home, dealt with a squirrel in the attic, and then I drove up to Wayne, NJ, to see A Good Day to Die Hard with a friend of mine. Followed by some late-night shopping at a the Wayne Target store, 90 mins in the car, and I was home.

One seriously long weekend.

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