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Success! New keyboard and mouse at the office

Success! I brought the new Logitech mouse and keyboard to the office this morning. After a day of use, I feel much more comfortable. I also spent some time cleaning and organizing my little office. I feel a lot better … Continue reading

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A quick 30 mins at noon to relax

The past few weeks at work have been hectic at best. Rarely have I even had the time to eat out — like many people, I’ve been eating lunch in my office. I’ve been traveling offsite this week, but saw … Continue reading

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I’ve successfully installed my new Logitech K750 and Performance Mouse MX onto my work laptop

I love when researching on the Internet actually pans out. My new Logitech K750 solar keyboard and Performance Mouse MX arrived a day early, and after making dinner for the kids, I went upstairs to start experimenting. My biggest issue … Continue reading

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I went back in time to add some August 2012 photos

I was cleaning up my photo galleries on the computer, and I came across a whole bunch of August 2012 photos that I never posted. Huh, I guess it was a busy month for me. In any case, please strap … Continue reading

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I ordered a new mouse and keyboard for the office

I pulled the trigger on the new mouse and keyboard. I did indeed bought the same Performance Mouse MX that I use at home, which I wrote about a few days ago. However, I opted instead for the Logitech K750 … Continue reading

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The Ipes got all classy for dinner and an evening with the NJ Symphony Orchestra

For Christmas, I bought us tickets to see the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. I’ve never been to the NJ PAC before, so this was a treat for everyone. My wife and I made … Continue reading

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The day of the big Pinewood Derby race

Aw man, who knew a bunch of boys racing wooden cars down a sloping track could be so stressful? Annually, it seems each Cub Scout pack member holds a “Pinewood Derby” race. The boys either buy or receive a Pinewood … Continue reading

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I’m thinking about buying my own mouse and keyboard for the office

Soooooo, big surprise here — I’m picky about my stuff. Maybe a lot of people are, but that’s probably a sweeping statement. Still, my workspace, the gadgets I use, etc, it’s important me. It’s been a year now, and I’m … Continue reading

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My God, these have been the longest three months ever

I don’t have a lot to say, because it’s about work. I’ve been working on two projects since November, and I’m exhausted. I’m all done with them, and I officially start something new next week. I wanted to simply go … Continue reading

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I went to the gym to work out this morning at 6 AM, and it was crowded

As I mentioned earlier this week, I’m back to working out regularly. I worked out last Friday, Sunday, and Monday. I took a break, but went back this morning. I’m trying to limit my workouts to 30 mins or so, … Continue reading

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