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The strange things you may find on an NJ Transit train

This morning, I was reading the news, and what seemed like a tube of toothpaste fell from the female passenger sitting in front of me on the train. I picked it up without looking, but instead of telling her, I … Continue reading

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The squirrel came back the very next day. The squirrel came back, we thought he was a goner

So….. funny story. It’s Thursday night, my wife is working late, and I’m making dinner. The cats are a little crazy tonight, running around and bouncing off the walls at high veloctities. To get them out of my hair while … Continue reading

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I haven’t decided what my next phone will be

I’m officially out of my 2-year mobile phone contract with AT&T. I’m currently month-to-month, and am in that limbo zone where I can switch to a new carrier at any time, or reupp for a new contract. It’s highly unlikely … Continue reading

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