Two cheers for having a backup plan

As a train commuter, I’ve noticed that I have often forgotten to find and bring along the new monthly train pass at the beginning of a new month. Thankfully, NJ Transit allows you to use the previous month’s pass for the morning commute, but you better have a valid train ticket on the ride home.

A few months ago, I bought two single Hamilton-Newark tickets when I had lost my monthly pass, but never ended up using them. I decided to keep them in my wallet, in case I were to ever misplace my monthly, or forgot to bring my new pass at the beginning of the new month.

Well, today is February 1st, it’s 5:45pm, the train is arriving, and I just remembered that never went to get my new pass from the mail. Oh crap. Will they let me use my January pass? What’s the policy again? But wait! I have my backup plan.

The conductor loudly announced that she better see Feb passes, or you have to pay. Oh geez, thank God for having a backup plan.

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