Bad sign – I’m daydreaming about cycling

It’s about that time of the year again. It happens almost every winter. I’ve started getting itchy to hold the handlebars of my bike in my hands, and climb some hills. It’s only February and it won’t be warm enough for me to ride until late March or early April.

I’m still daydreaming on the train about it. I would also love a new, higher quality road bike, like a new Cervelo or Specialized bike. I saw two (pictures below) that I think are gorgeous, but as they’re in the $3-6K price range, it’s a conversation nonstarter in my house. A man can dream.

Speaking of cycling, I need to register for the May 2013 MS bike ride. I’ve joined the “Squirrel Commando Squad” led by my friend Sheri, for a change of pace. I need to start thinking endurance training at the gym this month.

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