Working on the new playroom

I mentioned earlier in a previous post that we were changing the guest room / home office into a playroom / home office. Phase 1 was the removal of almost all of the original guest room furniture, save for one bookshelf, and of course, the home office. Before Christmas, we moved out the guest bed, and threw out the old dressers that my wife brought from her old apartment. We had hoped to get the entire playroom completed for Christmas morning, but it was too large a job. We resigned ourselves to simply telling the kids about it, and working on it between Christmas and New Year’s. Well, it’s still been a large job. Since Christmas, we cleaned out the guest room closet, the rest of the guest room, and began moving the mountain of children’s games and puzzles upstairs to the room.

Today, I had the kids help me put together the desk and costume chest, and move their toys and other things to the playroom. It took us about 5 hours, and we’re certainly not done yet with decorating the room, but the playroom definitely looks more like a playroom now.

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