Today started out crappy, but eventually got better

It’s funny how some days can start out so bad, and either get better, or continue downhill. For me, today started out pretty crappy, but it got better.

This morning, I was rushing to catch my train, and I had maybe 4-5 mins before it would arrive. Hypothetically, I could park in the garage and still make it. Unfortunately, as I pulled out my train station garage key card, I accidentally dropped it under my seat. Way under my seat so that I couldn’t reach it. I had to physically get out of the car I order to hopefully retrieve it. Thankfully, there was no line of cars behind cursing me out.

As I bent over to attempt to find my key card (as the seconds ticked by) my already-much-cracked iPhone slipped out of my coat pocket, and clattered to the pavement. I cursed under my breath, but was briefly relieve that the phone didn’t suffer more damage.

I returned to looking for my key card, but no luck yet. I bent over some more, and then knocked off my eyeglasses. Argh! I eventually had to go through the backseat to find my key card. I swiped the key card, drove up to the 5th floor, found a parking spot, and ran with my laptop bag and lunch to the stairs. The train doors were already closed.

If I had not dropped my card, and not spent precious minutes looking for it, I would have been on time for work. What are you going to do?

I did have a productive day at work, caught the evening train I wanted, got synchronized green lights there and back to my in-laws’ place (had to run an errand), and spent some quality time with my wife and kids this evening.

It’s the good parts of the day that outweigh the bad.

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