I think my next phone will be…..

….the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It’s a rumored phone. There is no release date. No official specs. But it’s coming soon…. Q2 2013, according to the tea leaves.

I thought long and hard about the iPhone 5, but based on what I’ve seen, it doesn’t wow me. Did I like the iPhone 4? Still do, but after two years, I’d like to try something new. Explore something different. If the specs wowed, I’d dive right in, but the phone doesn’t do that. It’s safe, and a little boring.

I checked out the HTC 8X running Windows 8 mobile, but it’s not quite there yet. The UI is different, but it doesn’t quite pull me in either.

Android seems interesting enough to play around with. A larger screen would be nice. As I mentioned, there are no official specs on the new S4, but there are rumors of a 5″1080p HD  display. If the rest of the possible specs include a dual (or quad core) processor, and 4G LTE, I’m pretty much set with that. I’m not a big apps person anyway. I want to browse and read on the train, I want fast wireless internet, and I want a good battery life.

Now I just need to make my iPhone 4 last a few more months. So far, the scotch tape is holding the phone together. I think I just need to hold on until probably May 2013, if I had to take a guess.

We shall see.

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