Hello, new Klipsch S4i earphones

It’s happening again. I’m such a heavy user of my stuff, and my Shure SE210 earphones are slowly crumbling to dust. The rubber on the earphones are coming off. More critical, something has happened to the wire near the plug, and I only hear static unless I position the wire at the plug side in a tight ball. Not good. How long did these earphones last me?

Well, time certainly flies. I thought it was more recent, but after looking back through the website archives, I purchased my Shure SE210 earphones back in Sept 2008. It’s been four years? Wow. So, I guess that’s reasonable period of use for earphones.

I’ve been looking for a reasonably priced replacement, and wasn’t interested in spending over $100 for new earphones, but I still wanted decent sound isolation. I’d narrowed my search down to the two-year old Klipsch S4i or the newer S4ii model. I put both on my Amazon wish list.

Lo and behold, at our Secret Santa gift exchange among friends this weekend, my “secret Santa” bought me the S4i earphones. I’ve been trying them out since yesterday, and I like them a lot. There is a better fit with my ear canals, music sounds very nice, and they are very compact.


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