Goodbye Sentra, hello Maxima

A little background history for ya…..

About three years ago, we leased a Nissan Sentra for my wife to use. She was working in nearby Princeton, it was inexpensive, and it was tiny like her. A year into the lease, my wife wasn’t so comfortable getting in and out of it, and it was a bit of a pain for her to buckle both kids in and out of that little car. We ended up switching — I took the little Sentra, and she drove the larger and more comfortable Highlander. It wasn’t an ideal situation for me, but it made the most sense for my wife’s situation. The only problem was that I was driving some serious miles daily, about 80 miles/day. For the past year, it’s been less mileage, as I am now only driving to the local train station and back. Still, it’s December 2012, and we’ve hit the mileage cap much sooner than the actual lease-end time period.

I kinda had my eye on a Nissan Maxima. I used to love my old 1999 Honda Accord, so I was looking for features comparable. I decided to go online and ask for a quote on a new Maxima. I don’t know if it was a good idea or not, because I had two different salespeople calling me twice a day starting Tuesday morning. I eventually called them back , and agreed to stop by our local Nissan dealership Saturday morning after Lily’s dance class . I stopped by and asked for the Internet Sales contact, and he eventually showed up, introduced himself, and then handed me off to another sales man. I’m not sure what the point of that was, but whatever. In my free time at the dealership, I checked out both the Altima and the Maxima, but eventually settled on leasing a blue 2012 Maxima. A few hours later, I ran a few errands, came back to the dealership, cleaned out the Sentra, handed over the keys, and drove home in the new Maxima. I’ll admit that it’s not as pimped out as I’d like my cars to be, but that’s the nature of leases. You get what they have on the lot. In three years, I hope we can purchase our next car, and I’d like to pimp it out with a mini fridge. That would be pretty cool.

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