Cub Scout Feast Winter 2012

Friday night, we went to Joshua’s Cub Scout Pack meeting. They have one of these pack meetings every month where all of the cub scout dens get together. In December, it seems they have this year-end feast. Each den coordinates and brings in their own food, and all of the dens share desserts. One of the activities is to announce the cub scounts with the top 10 popcorn sales. If you remember, shortly after Joshua joined the cub scouts, he he had to help sell popcorn for this fall fundraising program. Well, Josh did sell some popcorn to family, but my wife got him a lot more sales at her office. She and Josh apparently did a very good job selling popcorn, because he was  #9 in total popcorn sales. As a reward, he was one of the 10 boys allowed to throw a “pie” (an empty pie dish filled with whipped cream) at the cub scout pack or den leader of his choice. Josh ultimately decided on the Den Leader himself.

Joshua throwing a pie at his Cub Scout Pack Leader from Joel Ipe on Vimeo.

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