Chistmas Weekend 2012

This year, Christmas fell on a Tuesday, so I had a four day weekend to enjoy but also to work. We have already spent quite a bit of time in the evenings this week cleaning out the office / guest room, and repurposing it as an office / play room. We tossed out the old dressers, and removed the bed. We still have a ways to go — clearing out and removing the bookshelves, and putting together the new playroom furniture. We realized that, realistically, we would not be able to finish the remodel during the nights, so we have come to grips with just doing this over the course of the next few weeks.

Saturday was an interesting day. In the morning, I took Lily to dance class. While I was there, we found out that Cub Scout trip to the museum last weekend made the paper, so I ran out during the class to the nearby 7-Eleven to get a copy of the newspaper. There it was on page 8a:

Josh & I in the newspaper

Josh & I in the newspaper


My new car -- shiny and clean

My new car — shiny and clean

After class, I changed Lily into her “street clothes”, then took her to our local Nissan dealership to check out a new car. We were nearing lease-end, so it was time to start exploring cars. I submitted an online request for a quote Monday or Tuesday on a Maxima, and I then had two different dealership reps contacting me the entire week until I finally agreed to come in. After checking out the deals, I checked out a 2012 Maxima SV, took a test drive, and found a blue one I liked. We made a deal, and I ran a few errands in the afternoon. I came back from 4-5:30pm to wrap up the paperwork, transfer the stuff between the Sentra and Maxima, hand off the Sentra keys, call the insurance company, and drive home. New car smell!

Sunday was all about cleaning up and having my wife’s side of the family come over for Christmas festivities. My sister-in-law and family arrived from Baltimore in the afternoon, then my in-laws came in the evening to cook dinner. After dinner, we opened many presents. I found the energy to clean up after everyone left.

Christmas Eve dinner with the Davids

Christmas Eve dinner with the Davids


Monday, I went out to get some final Christmas presents, then my sister and her little family came over in the late afternoon for dinner and continued Christmas festivities.

Tuesday was opening presents in the morning, followed by church, then home for a quick nap, and finally watching the 3:30pm showing of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

It was a busy weekend to be sure.

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