A car accident (not me) on the way to work this morning.

Don’t worry, folks. I didn’t have the car accident. Funny story for a rainy Friday morning. When I go to work every morning, I have to take this one long single lane road for most of the way to the train station. Some mornings, there are either few cars or fast moving cars ahead, so it’s a quick trip, and I catch my train. Other mornings, there is one car or truck up front travelling very slowly, and I am one of many cars in a long, slow procession. It could be a truck, a school bus, or senior citizen. Whoever it is, it can be silent frustration for me.

This morning, I was directly behind some person driving very slowly down the aforementioned single lane road. This person drove very slowly, and I was getting very worried that I would miss my train. As we approached this particular intersection, the light turned yellow, and this person behind me actually gunned it to make the light. Unfortunately, and if you’ve been in these types of situations before, the person before you guns it on the yellow, and you get stuck at the red. Under my breath, I swore at the person, senior citizen or not. I mean, now, all of a sudden, you speed up? Did you want me to get stuck? These thoughts ran through my mind in that split-second as the light turned from yellow to red.

However, that car then smashed into the side of a car coming from the opposite direction and making a left turn. Imagine my surprise as a I watched the accident unfold before me. Everyone was okay, as people got out. I was more surprised to see a young guy in what must be his 20’s get out of the frustratingly-slow car, wave his arms at the other driver, as if he couldn’t believe what happened, and it wasn’t his fault. The light turned green, I smirked, and then proceeded my way forward, around, and passed the accident. It was extremely smooth sailing the rest of the way, I got 1st floor parking near the garage entrance, and I caught my train.


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