I can thank Sandy for cabin fever

I’ve been home the entire week now, and I’ve got a serious case of cabin fever. The office opened on Wed, but rail service is still currently unavailable. I planned to drive to the office today, but I found a flat tire waiting for me this morning. By the time I changed it, I decided to work from home.

Bah! Flat tires!

Bah! Flat tires!

Did I mention that I haven’t shaved the entire week, so my face is getting pretty itchy? Because it is.

I went out yesterday around noon to see what was going on out there. I found some pieces of my roof on the ground, so I guess I’ll have to call a roofer to make the repairs sometime. Fantastic.

My in-laws have been staying with us this week, as their house has no heat or power. Has it been a little crowded in the house? Yes, but it’s not so bad, and the kids are pretty happy to have one set of grandparents around. It’s something different, you know.

Wow, a week home, all because of a storm. I was surprised yesterday to see how much was down and not working within our town. Lights out, stores closed, people without power or heat. Apocalyptic. I was half-expecting to see zombies wandering around. Maybe next week.

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