Our 2012 Delaware vacation

At the end of this month, we wrapped up our big trip of the year. Third time around, we rented a condo in the Bethany Beach area for a week, Saturday to Saturday. Like last year, we rented the same condo, as the place is spacious and nicely appointed. Unlike last year, there was no Hurricane Irene to close down Delaware and cut our vacation short. This time, we had the full seen days of vacation, with minimal work to catch up on.

What we like about vacationing in Delaware is:

  • it’s a quick 3 hour drive to the Delaware beaches, no flights are necessary.
  • renting a condo is more spacious and affordable compared to a hotel on the beach.
  • all we want to do on this vacation is chill out.
  • Bethany Beach is easily accessible by either driving 10 mins or taking the free jitney shuttle bus.
  • Bethany Beach is also very close to Ocean City MD and Rehoboth Beach DE.

We packed Friday night and early Saturday morning, and hit the road around noon. Due to traffic and the rainy weather, we didn’t actually arrive at the condo until after 5pm. Normally, we would go grocery shopping at the local Giant supermarket, but there was a crazy storm going on, and we opted to order in pizza and wings from the local Gotto Pizza.

For the next few days, we had to contend with some on-and-off rainy weather, but we made due with watching tv (and movies), playing games (I also brought my PS3), and generally hanging out together at the pool. We also went to see The Amazing Spider-Man over in Rehoboth Beach before it left the theaters.

Around Wed, we had only sunny days, so we visited Ocean City for a boat ride and walking the boardwalk. We ultimately spent two days hanging out on the actual Bethany Beach, and even went mini-golfing.

We also cooked a lot of delicious meals, and watched a lot of Justice League, Duck Tales, and Fringe (without the kids though.)

Unlike last year, I didn’t get to bring my bike along. There wouldn’t be enough time to go riding, and we found out our bike rack isn’t safely compatible to use with the Toyota Highlander. We considered getting a hitch and new rack, but we ran out of time.

It was a little sad to do laundry Fri and begin packing up to return home. Since our Delaware portion of the vacation wrapped up on Labor Day weekend, we still had Sunday and Monday to relax.

This will be our last Delaware vacation for a while. 2013 has different vacations in store for the Ipes, including our 10th wedding anniversary trip.

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