A quick BBQ with friends

This spring, I would say that our weekend and weeknights are the busiest they’ve ever been. Between dance classes, soccer games, swim classes, and any other events that are squeezed into our free time, I don’t know how we’re doing it. The good news is that our schedule frees up considerably in two weeks, and remains that way for the rest of the summer. For now, we’ve got busy weekends. Between events this Saturday, we rushed up to north Jersey for a BBQ with friends Sunil & Ligy, and the rest of the gang. We made a quick stop to pick up hamburgers, throw them in the cooler, rush up to north Jersey, stop and get a red velvet birthday cake for dessert, and head to their house.

Why the rush? We had a hard stop at 1:30pm, in order to make it back in time for Josh’s swimming class. Unfortunately, most of the gang arrived around the same time we were leaving, or much later after we had gone home. Rats. At least we had a good 90 mins or so to relax.

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