My first two games as a soccer coach

Coaching soccer isn’t so bad.

Spring is here, and the kids had their first soccer games of the season. Not only that, but I coached both games, I think I know all of the kids’ names, and we have a good team of enthusiastic boys. It went well, considering the weather, and my limited knowledge.

Saturday’s game was tough due to the weather. Cold, light misty rain/drizzle. First game, so people I didn’t know were showing up trying to find the field and me. I had most of my team show up, and it turns out one boy who wasn’t on our team after all. I got there early, tried to keep each child cheerful and active (and give them their red team shirt) when they showed up. I have 12 kids on the roster. I introduced myself to the other coach, the ref explained some of the rule changes to both teams, and then we played in the cold. Ended up tying 0-0 at the end.

Sunday’s game was at noon, so we had to leave church early, but at least the weather was warmer. Most of the kids from Saturday showed up, but we ended up losing 0-2. I was still happy because the kids are enthusiastic and energetic. They need to start practicing together and work on skills.

Is coaching that bad? Nah. My biggest challenges are to develop fun, exciting, yet meaningful drills during our practices, and also successfully rotating kids to all of the positions.

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