Imprompto birthday dinner for Lesh

Saturday night with no plans? Check? Random call to go out to celebrate Lesh’s birthday? Check? Sounds like a plan.

We got a call from our friend Sandhya, who was organizing a quick get-together for whoever was available to celebrate Lesh’s birthday. We normally all get together to celebrate, but April has proven to be a busy month. As her birthday was the 27th, a bunch of us were free Saturday night. We met up at Penang in Lodi. The restaurant serves both Malaysian and Thai cuisine, but we went anyway, and brought Josh’s Epi-pen just in case he had some contaminated food. By the time we got there, almost everyone was there. No worries. The food was very good, and the libations were large and in charge. Good times. I took four decent photos, so they are here below for your viewing pleasure.

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    Holy spelling mistake, Batman!

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