Reupped our Verizon FiOS contract, and got an automatic upgrade to 25/25 Mbps

Times sure flies. It’s been over two years since Verizon flipped on our FiOS service in 2009. Apart from the initial hiccups, it’s been smooth sailing, and I don’t believe we’ve an outage since ’09. We’ve had the Triple Play package (TV, Internet, phone), and it has worked out pretty well. I do wish they would add more HD channels on a more regular basis — one new channel a year isn’t that much to gloat about.

Since 2009, we have been upgrading our Internet speeds. We initially signed up at 10 Mbps downstream, 2 Mbps upstream. A few months in Dec 2009, I schmoozed a Verizon rep and got them to agree to upgrade us to the then-current 15 Mbps, 5 Mbps base speeds.

A year and a half later, we’re out of contract, the price lock has ended, and our rates went up about $20. Oye ve. I called Verizon to inquire is there anything we can do to lower the bill — do nothing, renew our contract for another two years, etc. Is there even a contract, similar to wireless / cell phone contracts? After a nice heart to heart, we renewed for another two years. In return, we’ll save $5 a month (ooooooh aaaaaah), our Internet gets upgraded to a symmetric 25 Mbps up and down, and we’ll get a $300 gift card if we pay our bill on time for the next two months.

Happy happy joy joy. Check out the point-in-time results below from earlier today. What are we going to do with our new-found bandwidth? Hmmm, something illegal. Just kidding. Maybe. Depends on my mood. I could upload a lot of video of myself dancing to Al Green. check 01282012

Recent check on Jan 28 2012 after our FiOS upgrade

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2 Responses to Reupped our Verizon FiOS contract, and got an automatic upgrade to 25/25 Mbps

  1. Jim says:

    I hate you. That is all.

  2. Joel says:

    Why ya gotta hate? 😉

    I asked my wife if she noticed any improvement in speed when she uses her laptop while working. Not really, she said. Go figure.

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