I upgraded to TiVo Desktop Plus

This week, I upgraded to TiVo Desktop Plus. I had planned this a few months ago. One of the benefits of TiVo is the TiVo Desktop software, which allows you to transfer your recordings to another device (desktop, laptop, Mac.) I’ve used this in the past so I could archive or watch television upstairs at my desk. It’s not the greatest software, but it works decently enough. I wish the video content transferred faster — even on a 802.11g network, it’s gonna be 60 mins for an hour-long show. At least it’s free.

Now, if you want to watch on a mobile device, you need to upgrade to TiVo Desktop Plus. For $24.95, it automatically converts and can drop the resulting file into your iTunes library location. Do a quick sync in iTunes, and theoretically have your content ready for viewing on your iPhone, iPad, or other device ready for you on the morning train ride. As a test, I transferred two episodes of Law & Order: Criminal Intent and Star Wars: The Clone Wars to my iPhone 4. See a screenshot below.


It’s a little tricky to fast forward and rewind with your thumb on the tiny slider, but it’s good enough. My actual objective is to transfer movies and video to a future iPad for short and long trips — Pixar/Disney movies, Sesame Street, and content for grown-ups too.

It’s probably odd that I’m strategically plotting, but that is basically what I’m doing. I can’t do everything at one time. I was waiting on a new desktop PC first, so I can easily manage video content. The iPhone is good enough for use now, but I have my eye on the ball for additional uses for my future iPad.

World domination will have to wait.

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