The Friday before Christmas — “Christmas Excellence”

Busy, busy day. I worked from home Friday in the morning, and we got a notification of early dismissal for 12 noon. That worked out great, because my sister and her family were coming over for the annual “Christmas Excellence” dinner that night. There was much vacuuming and dusting and cleaning up to do in preparation. “Cleaning up” also included getting the secret present for the kids out of the downstairs hallway, and into their room.

Fast-forward to the evening, and Christmas Excellence went off without a hitch. I made sliced meats, cheeses, and crackers for appetizers. Namita made a roast, stuffed, pork loin, and her patented carrot souffle, and green beans / potatoes / bacon / onions side dish. It was all delicious. For dessert, my sister brought over homemade cookies. We opened presents, and I hope everyone was satisfied with their gifts. If they weren’t, they aren’t saying.

Julie, Robbie, and Joshua @ Christmas Excellence

Julie, Robbie, and Joshua @ Christmas Excellence

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