Our first real Christmas tree

Our first Christmas tree

Our first Christmas tree

In 2005 after Josh was born and we moved into our first house, we wanted to have our very first Christmas tree. We opted for a pre-lit artificial tree. It was fairly easy to set up, turn on, and get on with life. In subsequent years, the lights would stop working, and we would buy additional strings of lights. Last year, all of the lights failed, I took the time to remove each dead string, and we decorated the old fashioned way.

Earlier this month, I pulled the tree out of storage in our basement crawlspace, and discovered that our dear kittens (one of them at least) had “inappropriately eliminated” on the tree while it sat in pieces in the cardboard storage box over the summer. It may have been in the Fall, as they both reached their sexual maturity, and may have felt the need to spray. I have two knuckleheads for cats. I tried cleaning it, but to no avail, the smell was burned into the plastic faux pine needles. Out to the trash it went.

It took us a week or so, but we decided to try our hand at getting our first real Christmas tree. No, not a fake one. An honest-to-goodness actual tree, real pine needles and all. Monday, December 12th, we drove out to a nearby garden center, and bought ourselves a Frasier Fir tree and a tree stand. It’s been a few days, but the tree is up and now decorated. So far, it’s pretty nice, but I’m constantly vacuuming up the pine needles off the carpet.

BTW, the cats are ridiculous about having a tree in the house. Constantly eating the needles, drinking the water, knocking down ornaments, and climbing the tree. Argh. I know cats will be cats, but it’s a bit annoying at times.

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