Christmas Day

Chistmas morning came awfully fast, since I hadn’t had more than an hour of sleep. Someohow, I woke up. We opened presents, and then surprised the kids by taking them upstairs to see the new beds. They were pretty thrilled, video posted below.

Suprising the kids with their new bunk beds from Joel Ipe on Vimeo.

How did I do overall this month on Christmas presents? Pretty well, I think.

  1. From the Secret Santa gift exchange last week, I got The Lion King 4-disc Blu-ray pack (with digital copy), and Captain America: The First Avenger on Blu-ray (and digital copy.) Both are really for the kids, but that’s still nice to not have to spend my own money on them.
  2. From my sister and brother-in-law, Josh and I got tickets to see the Bull-Nets game @ Prudential Arena in Feb 2012. Looking forward to taking Josh to his first basketball game.
  3. From my in-laws, I got…. money, that is going straight towards my new computer and desk and future iPad 3.
  4. From my family, I got a “#1 Dad” ornament from Josh, and Nums got me a bathroom scale (yes, I wanted it), and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (which, yes, I definitely wanted.)
  5. Josh also got the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition on blu-ray (with digital copies), and Cars 2 on blu-ray, so I think I get to share those with him. Lily got Beauty and the Best on blu-ray, but I think she can keep that for herself. 😉

We went to church in the morning for services, and then spent the rest of the day at home relaxing. We also got to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol, which we recorded from Friday night.

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