NYC Trip – Day 1


Waiting for the train

A few weeks ago, with the break between jobs in mind, we began planning out an extended weekend vacation trip. I had hoped to have a entire week off, but the background check took longer than I expected. In the end, I only have a four day break (Thurs-Sun) before I start my new life at Prudential. I would have liked more days, but it seems they want me to start right away. No matter. I suppose four days is good enough. Between NY Life and Citi, I only a weekend to enjoy any time off.

We looked at a few cities, e.g. Baltimore, Philadelphia, but ultimately on New York. Nums and I spent a romantic weekend in New York back in 2006, and that was a lot of fun. I took Josh to the Museum of Natural History last year via the train, and he had a blast. Sounded like a plan.


Lunch at Dos Caminos

So here we are after our first day. We packed most of clothes and things last night, with a few more items this morning, and caught a late morning train to NYC. Why did we opt for the train when we have two cars and a bus that hits our complex? Eh, the kids like the train.

We got to NY around noon, and we were able to check into the Marriott Courtyard New York Manhattan Midtown East on 3rd Ave early. We were supposed to meet up with our friend Kathy for lunch, but it was getting late for her at this point. Oh well, maybe next time.

Instead, we walked down 3rd Ave and ate lunch at our favorite NYC Mexican restaurant — Dos Caminos. Lunch was pretty good, even though Lily was fooling around on her side of the table, bumped her face against the table somehow, and is now sporting a well-developing black eye. I swear she didn’t walk into a doorknob.


Toys "R" Us Times Square

Everyone was a little tired, so we walked back to the hotel to chill out. In the evening, we strolled down to Grand Central Terminal to show the kids, then had lunch down in the lower level dining concourse. Afterwards, we took the Times Square Shuttle to 42nd St. We showed them Times Square at night, visited the big Toys “R” Us in Times Square, and even rode the ferris wheel. Best of all? We resisted their requests, and didn’t have to buy them any unnecessary toys!

We hung out in the store until it closed at 10pm, walked further north to check out the rest of Times Square, then walked the long walk back to 53rd and 3rd Ave. It wasn’t an action-packed first day, but it was relaxing.

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