My last days at Citi


Gonna miss the old Warren campus

After 6+ years, we come to the end at last. This was my last week at Citi. It is done. I am free.

The past 10 days have been quiet. It is the end of the year, so many people like myself are wrapping up work. I have spent my time tying up loose ends, cleaning out my cubicle and my laptop, and letting my peers in the business units that I have met over the years that I was moving on. I had some nice conversations with them, and their sentiments were very thoughtful.

I was in NYC on Monday for a last lap around to say goodbye to colleagues, and a few close ones took me to lunch. During lunch, I thought to myself about the business trips and late nights in the office, and how much I would miss them. On Tues, my manager took me out to lunch, and organized a last group lunch on Wed before I left. I tell you, he’s a standup guy. He only started earlier this Spring, so I didn’t get much time to work for him. This is one of my few regrets.

Beginning last week, I cleaned out my desk, and packed up my things. After Wed’s lunch, I looked around one last time after handing over my laptop and other items. I said my goodbyes, and I walked out of the floor. It felt very odd to think I wouldn’t be in this familiar place anymore. I’m so used to being in this space, but that time was now over.

6+ years of ups and downs, and it’s now only a memory. I’m looking forward to the next big chapter of my life

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