Finally installed iOS 5 on my iPhone 4

20111019-170542.jpgiOS 5 is finally here. I know everyone and their mother was salivating in anticipation over the possible iPhone 5, but not I. I’m still under contract with AT&T for another year, and I just fixed my cracked phone. A new iPhone doesn’t do anything for me. What do I care about at the moment? A new operating system with over supposedly 200 improvements, like a better notifications process.

iOS 5 was supposed to be available for download on Wednesday, October 12th, and I assumed that meant midnight. Nope I was up late Tuesday, October 11th, checking iTunes. A few mins before midnight, there was a notification of a new iTunes 10.5 available. Sweet! Step 1, I figured Once installed, I checked constantly for an iOS update, but there was nothing. Hmmmm.

I checked various tech websites, but there was no info. On Twitter, I found statements alluding to Apple generally following a rolling deployment schedule globally. For the US, and the East coast, iOS 5 wouldn’t be available until sometime after 1pm. Rats!

Last night after I got home, I started the install process by first attempting to download the 774 Mb update. I couldn’t believe it — 774 Mb? That’s huge, and it failed he first time. Once I got it successfully downloaded, the installation took hours. It wasn’t the actual installation of the new OS that took a long time, but restoring the phone from backup, and specifically restoring the purchased songs, videos, and apps. It seems that I had some 79 applications installed, which took a disproportionate amount of time.

Now that I have iOS 5 installed, what do I think? I haven’t used all the new features yet. I like the new Notifications system, as that’s much less obtrusive. I also haven’t used the new rich HTML email features, but I’m looking forward to bolding some text. šŸ™‚

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