Update on my situation

Inquiring minds want to know: Joel, how are you recovering? Here’s the latest update, in a nutshell.

I decided to see my regular physician yesterday to get checked out. The overall pain has decreased, but I almost feel that the tailbone pain hasn’t decreased enough, my left knee and ankle still hurt, and my right wrist hurts more these days. After an exam, it appears I’ve developed tendonitis in those specific joints, including my right wrist. The inflammation started up, and it has not properly healed. In addition, my tailbone is either severely sprained or has a micro fracture.

Next steps? Continue taking naproxen as an anti-inflammatory, get a wrist splint to keep my wrist from making wacky movements, and no physical exercise for the next 6-8 weeks.

That’s right, it is official. My 2011 cycling season is over at 396 miles. I beat last year, but I so wanted to reach 600 miles this year. Furthermore, no gym time — no stationary bike, no treadmill. Argh.


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