Jon & Nicole’s wedding (but I only went to the reception)

Yesterday, we went to Jon & Nicole’s wedding. Well, to be accurate, we had a lot going on, but we eventually met up for the wedding reception. Today was one of those busy parenting days sitcoms make fun of.

Lily had dance class. They both has soccer games at 1pm. We had a wedding with a break of a few hours in the middle before the reception in Pennsylvania. The kids were sleeping over at my in-laws’ place. Everyone needed to take a shower.

After taking Lily to dance class, Namita went to the wedding. I took the kids to their respective soccer games, walking back and forth between both fields. After hosing off the kids, getting them packed, and dropping them off, I got ready, and my wife was back home. We hightailed it to Bensalem, PA, for the wedding reception. Very nice program, but too bad our camera batteries weren’t charged. I’m trying to get some pics from another friend. I think we got home after midnight.


Nicole & Jon cutting da cake

10/5/2011 Update:

See, we DID attend the wedding. I posted two additional photos (besides the one below) to the 2011 September Photos gallery. Thanks to Shannon for sending these over.


That be us, purplying it up

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