I have patellar tendinitis

Earlier this week, I had my annual checkup with my regular physician. Among other topics, I spoke to her about my left knee, and how I still experience some pain at times with it. She checked me out in-person (it was over the phone last Feb), and I initially thought I damaged a ligament below my knee. After examining my knee, she diagnosed me with patellar tendinitis. It seems the tendon connecting my quadriceps and my left tibia has not fully healed, and thus I’m experiencing pain due to inflammation.

Her advice was to forgo any cycling, take Alleve (an anti-inflammatory) twice a day, and ice my knee up to keep the swelling down. She said running on the treadmill is okay, but no stationary bike, and no outdoor cycling. For how long? Four weeks.

I mentioned that, um, you know, I have this bike thang in late May that I need to train for, but she was adamant about the four weeks. I asked her if she thinks i’ll be 100% again in the future, but she gave a weird look and said hesitatingly, “Maybe. You never know.” I always thought I was invincible, but this isn’t proving my argument.

I don’t know exactly to do. I don’t want to further damage my leg, but I won’t be able to complete the 85 mile ride in three weeks if I never get on the until that actual day. There’s no way!

After considering my options, my plan is to continue to ride, but keep the pressure off my knee as much as possible. I think I can do this by avoiding tall hills, and going slower during rides in the next two weeks. This will give me some time in the saddle, but also gives my tendon more time to recover before May 21st.

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