I slipped and hurt my knee

The human knee

The human knee

Am I getting old? Is my body failing me?

This morning, I was taking the train to NYC, and had parked my car at my usual New Brunswick parking garage. I had meetings during the day, and plans to go out with friends in the evening. As I was walking through the garage and texting someone, I slipped on either ice or water (I’m not certain.) It all happened quite fast, but I was able to catch myself on a nearby vehicle before I actually hit the ground. At least I wasn’t sprawled on the ground.

However, I did something bad to my left leg. Well, I thought it was my leg. As it happened so fast, I don’t know what happened exactly to my leg. As I fell, it definitely got bent in an unhealthy direction. Again, no idea how it twisted as I lost balance.  In the late afternoon, the pain subsided in the leg, and localized just below my left knee.

I checked out diagrams, and it looks like the pain directly correlates to the Ligamentum Patella, or the ligament connected and below my kneecap. It’s awfully painful to bend and put weight on my knee, but the knee itself isn’t swollen, which is a good sign. I’m hoping it’s just a sprain of sorts, and will recover in a reasonable time period.

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