The Master Lock 1590D is a piece of you-know-what

The Master Lock 1590D

The Master Lock 1590D

Last month, I purchased a new Master Lock combination lock from Target. I would use this for my gym locker. Instead of getting a traditional combination lock with just numbers (and I could forget the combo), I opted for this new-fangled combination lock that used letters and numbers to create words. It’s just a 3 alphanumeric code, but still, easy to remember.

I used for a few times, but misplaced it for two weeks. I finally found it under the couch, and was elated. However, I dropped it on the kitchen floor later that day, but didn’t think much of it. Later at the gym, I couldn’t get the lock to open after attemping the combination for 15 minutes. I gave up, and carried my valuables with me throughout my workout. Frustration!

On the way home, I called the Master Lock customer line, and spoke to a rep. The rep happens to mention that they’ve been “having some problems” with this particular model, so she would send me a “one-time only” replacement, but it would be the traditional combo lock. Sigh, whatever, at this point. I looked online later, and it seems many other people have complained that the 1590D has caused much grief to other consumers. You would think someone would pull these defective products from stores in the meantime.

I received my replacement combination lock in the mail this week, and it’s not even new — it’s refurbished! I thought they could at least send me a new lock, not one that is all dinged up. Thanks for keeping customers happy, Master Lock.

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