I bought a Philip Norelco Qt4070

Three years later, I need a new beard trimmer. I used a Norelco Philips trimmer for about three years, but now I seem to have lost the walle charging cable. Where the hell could it go? These things don’t go walking off, you know? After two weeks of manually (and unevenly) grooming my beard with a pair of tiny scissors, I got fed up. Specifically, my wife looked at me earlier this month and said, “Your beard is uneven.”

I went “ARGH!” It’s not fun to trim your beard with scissors, and if it’s still going to look bad, forget it, I’ll just buy a new trimmer. I saw this Philip Norelco Qt4070 on Amazon, figured good enough, and ordered it. After a few days of use, I’ll say it works as expected. However, I don’t find the vacuum feature useful, as I still find hairs on the sink. Also, the trimmer shears don’t stay within the device, but jut out, so it’s a little more difficult to ensure I’m keeping it even. Design challenges aside, my beard is even now.

Philips Norelco Qt4070

Philips Norelco Qt4070

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