The Blizzard of December 2010

Yikes, how did we get a blizzard? We have 1-2 feet of snow here in New Jersey, and I am very glad to be home. I checked the weather last week and there was no snowfall in the forecast. All of a sudden, I started hearing on Friday that there was a large snowstorm expected Sunday night. Eh? What? Snowstorm?

Snowstorm indeed. We spent Sunday night and Monday all day inside as the snow fell and the high winds whipped the snow through the air. It was nice to stay inside, but I had to go shoveling in the evening around 4pm. My sister and her husband were supposed to come over on Christmas, but everyone was too tired. Sunday’s forecast included a blizzard, so we postponed their visit to Monday evening.

I spent three hours shoveling and doing my best to clear a path. The snow wasn’t too heavy, but the high winds had resulted in tall drifts of snow that took me forever to shovel.

Bundled up for the blizzard

Bundled up for the blizzard

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