I got a new Cisco Flip UltraHD video camera

New gadget alert! My sister and my BIL got us a Cisco Flip UltraHD video camera. Nice! I feel both happy & excited, and sad & guilt-ridden about this though, to be honest. Why?

Happy & Excited– Now it will be easy to shoot HD-quality home video of the kids and family that can be easily uploaded to the desktop PC, and ultimately publish them online.

Sad & Guilt-Ridden — We bought in 2005/2006 our Canon GS250 camcorder after much research and saving up the $700 for the purchase. One of the advantages is the quality of the video and the ability to transfer to a home PC. The reality of the situation is that I have experienced nothing but frustration it attempting to transfer recorded video to our PC. It is hit-or-miss to get the PC software to recognize the camcorder when connected. I’ve probably gotten the software to successfully connect only a handful of times. When it has worked, you can’t hit download and have it transferred to your PC. The only way to transfer is to hit PLAY on the camcorder, hit CAPTURE on the desktop software, and have the PC capture the video as it plays each minute on the camcorder. Talk about a kludgy design. To make the situation worse, I lost the external DC power cord, so I can only transfer for as long as the camcorder battery lasts. Ridiculous.

New year, new process for recording video. Let’s hope for the best this year, but I am cautiously optimistic.

Cisco Flip UltraHD video camera

Cisco Flip UltraHD video camera

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