I’ve decided on the iPhone 4

Yup, the iPhone. It’s finely happened.

I’ve been a fairly happy with my BlackBerry Bold 9000 from 2007. It’s a nice large screen, comfortable keyboard, and overall good size for browsing AND slipping into one’s pants’ pocket. I have a healthy respect for the BlackBerry phones. They are good products. And I do a lot of emailing and texting, so having a good keyboard is critical.

So why do I want to upgrade to an iPhone no less? Four reasons:

  1. My Bold is becoming unreliable.
  2. The good apps in RIM’s App World are few and far between.
  3. I want something new.
  4. Jealousy.

Sound reasoning? Sure it is.

  1. My Bold becoming unreliable is the norm, as the normal wear-and-tear cycle is accelerated in a sphere around me. It hasn’t changed either. My phone constantly has an hourglass. The reception is hokey. The trackball becomes unresponsive. The hourglassing is the worst. As a side note, there’s a new BB OS available for the 9000, but AT&T won’t certify it.
  2. RIM’s selection of applications pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of apps in the iTunes store. App World was an attempt to compete, but you won’t find anything useful
  3. I’ve had a BB for about 3 years now (Curve, Bold.) Isn’t it time for something new, especially with all the Android phones out in the marketplace?
  4. Ah yes, jealousy. I’ll admit it. A base human emotion. My wife recently upgraded to the HTC Incredible, and it certainly has the wow factor. A beautiful device, a nice form factor, and just so useful. We used Google Maps on her phone during our Midwest roadtrip, and after using it, I was sold. I looked at my Bold in comparison, and it paled. Paled! I was immediately consumed with envy.

So here I am. One month to go until Nov 12th, which is when I can get my discount towards a new phone. AT&T allows you to upgrade at the 18th-month mark. While there are a number of interesting phones in AT&T’s stable, none of them wow me. I checked the Android phones, but they’re nothing special. The 2009/2010 BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Torch are interesting, but didn’t wow me either. As a matter of fact, I found the Torch underwhelming.

In the end, the iPhone 4 is different enough, interesting enough, and comparable enough to the Incredible or Evo, to be worth upgrading to. To be fair, The iPhone 4 has had its share of issues in the news, such as the antenna reception issues and this problem with the proximity sensor. Still, I’m going to jump in bed with Apple and ride it out for better or for worse.

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2 Responses to I’ve decided on the iPhone 4

  1. a says:

    The nexus one is better 🙂

  2. Joel says:

    Um, I don’t know about that. There are better Android-based phones. However, there is one glaring problem with the Nexus One. It’s not being produced anymore.

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